FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do vacation checks if I’m away from home?

Yes, just come to the station and fill out a vacation form. This form contains information such as where you’re going, how long you’ll be gone, and contact information for you and a responder should there be a problem.

How do I get a copy of a police report?

You can contact the Police Department at (610) 323-2090 or come in person and verify that the report is able to be released. You will then be given other information on what is needed to obtain the report.

How do I get a Protection from Abuse Order (P.F.A.)?

You go to the Prothonotary’s Office at the Montgomery County Courthouse. They will provide you with the necessary information. The Prothonotary’s Office can be reached at (610) 278-3360, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. till 4:15 p.m. If it’s after hours a West Pottsgrove Police Officer can assist you with obtaining an emergency P.F.A. if the proper criteria are met.

Is there a curfew in West Pottsgrove Township?

Yes, under section 13-19 of the West Pottsgrove Township Ordinances it states:
It shall be unlawful for any person 16 years of age and under to be, or remain in, or upon any of the streets, highways, alleys, parks, or other public places in the Township at any time between the hours of 9:30 pm and 5:00 am during the period from September 30, to March 1, inclusive, and from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am during all remaining months, unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or other person having legal custody of such minor.

Where do I pay a traffic citation?

You should pay a traffic citation within (10) days in person or by mailing to:

District Court 38-1-11
1 Security Plaza
Suite 101
Pottstown, PA 19464 (Google Maps)