Stormwater is the rain and melting snow that flows off the streets, rooftops, lawns, and farmland. This flowing water carries salt, sand, soil, pesticides, fertilizers, leaves, and grass clippings. Since these pollutants are washed off a wide area and cannot be traced to a single source, they are called nonpoint or runoff pollutants.

View Stormwater Pollution Prevention Guide (PDF)

As mandated by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) the Township is required to control stormwater pollution. All outfalls for stormwater are tested on a regular basis to prevent any type of pollutant from entering the stormwater system.

Allowing things such as motor oil, grease, chemicals, grass clippings, and detergents to enter the system causes pollution of the water system where our water drains to. Any contamination of the river that collects our rainwater runoff is a violation of the Clean Streams Act and is regulated by DEP and can result in action against the Township and/or the violator.

Please be mindful of this and please do not put anything into a storm drain that doesn’t belong there. You will notice that the inlets are marked with a symbol of a fish showing that the water going into these drains flows to the river.

DEP has notified all municipalities that these regulations must be enforced or penalties will be imposed against the Township. It is very important not to blow your grass into the street, allow your vehicle to leak oil, drain your swimming pool or allow any types of chemicals to enter the storm sewer system.

Please help West Pottsgrove by not allowing pollutants to enter the storm drainage system. If you see any of these problems contact the Township Office.