Winter 2022 Newsletter

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Since our last edition of the newsletter, Township Manager Scott Hutt has resigned. He took a new position with another Township. We wish Scott well in his new position. We have hired a new Township Manager and would like to take a moment to welcome aboard Debi Roesener. Debi grew up in the Township and brings with her experience in engineering, and grant writing, and has knowledge of her new position which will be beneficial to the Township.

West Pottsgrove Townnship Winter 2022 Newsletter (PDF)

The Township has a new position of codes writer. Please make sure that you maintain your property including the removal of snow from the sidewalk. This will prevent you from receiving a warning or citation if the violation is not corrected.

We are continuing to work on the Township’s infrastructure seeking out grants wherever available. We signed a new five-year contract with the Borough for Fire Services and want to thank them for their professionalism and response time. We have also signed a five-year contract with our Police Department to avoid going to arbitration. We represent the residents. We always want to hear what is important to you.

Our meetings are held at the Township Building on the First and Third Wednesday of each month at 7pm. We are working on a Veteran’s Memorial Park located at the former community pool property. If you wish to serve on the committee, please notify the Township.

The cold winter weather is approaching. AAA recommends keeping the following items in your vehicle – flashlight, jumper cables or jump pack, basic tool kit, extra gloves, first aid kit, ice scraper, snowbrush, blanket, and deicer.

Please beware that during winter storm events the roadway may appear to be wet, however, it may be black ice. On behalf of the Board of Commissioners, we would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.


Steve Miller, President
Board of Commissioners