August 18, 2019

Spring 2016 Newsletter


As many of you may have heard this will be my last newsletter as I will be retiring. I want to thank the Board of Commissioners that hired me for the position of Township Manager and gave me the outstanding opportunity to represent the Township. I watched with every passing election changes in the Board and noted that all Commission-ers are serving to make the community a better place to be.

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2016 Recycling Information Now Available

We now have updated versions of Montgomery County recycling event flyers for household hazardous waste, paper shredding, and tires for 2016.

Due to forces beyond our control, Montgomery County will not be able to hold electronics collection events in 2016. Although state law requires electronics manufacturers to offer recycling opportunities for TVs and computers, those manufacturers are no longer sponsoring county recycling collections in the Southeastern PA region.

  • Best Buy will accept computers and TVs 32” and under for free recycling when dropped off at their store. They will also pick up TVs from homes for a fee. This option may be going away, but for now they are still accepting e-waste.
  • Salvation Army Thrift Store in Montgomeryville accepts working TVs of any size and shape as well as working computers and electronics. They are located at 671 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville, PA 18936, phone number 215-631-1570.
  • Other than municipal drop offs and collections for residents only, there are no free disposal outlets for TVs over 32” that no longer work.

Happy New Year

West Pottsgrove Township would like to wish everyone a happy and safe 2016!