October 17, 2021

Pottstown Borough Authority Water Customers & Reverse 9-11 System

Attn. Pottstown Borough Authority water customers,

During last month’s water main rupture WPT residents had many questions and concerns regarding the water boil notification. Please see the updated information below, this will also be issued via U.S. first class mail to all customers.

In the event of an emergency, the Borough of Pottstown uses a telephone Emergency Notification System (Reverse-911) to notify utility customers located within and outside of the Borough.

If you receive a call from the Borough of Pottstown, please listen to the message carefully. Please be advised that due to FCC regulations, you must register your cellphone number(s) with the Borough by calling 610-970-6540 if you wish to receive Reverse-911 messages.

Utility customers with landlines are already registered and no further action is required.