May 29, 2020

Notice of Proposed Change of Polling Place of West Pottsgrove Township Montgomery, PA

Notice is hereby given by the County Board of Elections of Montgomery County that the Board will be voting on the relocation of the above district:

FROM: West Pottsgrove Municipal Building
980 Grosstown Rd
Stowe, PA 19038

TO: West Pottsgrove Elementary School
25 Grosstown Rd
Pottstown, PA 19464

The Montgomery County election board will take action on the proposed change on Monday May 11th, 2020 at the scheduled meeting of the County Board of Elections which begins at 10:00AM at 1 Montgomery Plaza, located at 425 Sweded Street, Norristown.

Any person wishing to object may appear and be heard before the board or may submit comments in the writing by emailing

The Election Board meeting will follow the same temporary procedures used for meetings of the board of commissioners posted at

If you need to verify the location of your polling place please see the office of voter services webpage at

County Board of Elections