September 29, 2016

2013 Dog Licensing Begins

On December 1st of each year the West Pottsgrove Township begins to sell new and renewed dog licenses for the upcoming year. As you know all dog owners are required to license their dogs with the Pennsylvania Dog Law Enforcement Office via their respective county treasurers. Revenues from dog licenses are used to fund dog law enforcement throughout the state and as importantly, from a local perspective, to maintain a registry of dogs and owners which is accessible by local law enforcement when needed.

Attached to this communication you will find PDFs of Treasurer, Jason Salus’ 2013 Dog License Flyer. It is Treasurer Salus’ desire to communicate the importance of, and requirement to, license dogs as broadly as possible, therefore we are providing this document to you for your information should you get constituent questions.

2013 Canine Licensing Flyer (PDF Download)