September 29, 2016

Summer 2012 Township Newsletter

Wow! Where did the summer of 2012 go? And why doesn’t winter fly by just as quickly? Fall has already crept up on us and even though the temperatures are still in the upper 80’s the cool weather “should be” just around the corner. Weatherman I’m not, but I am predicting a long, cold winter this year. Why? Because the squirrels have darn near eaten up every single hickory nut, chestnut and acorn on my property and in the process left me with one heck of a mess in my backyard. It has been a few years since the little buggers have eaten up so many of the nuts. So either a bunch more squirrel families moved into the area or I’m dead on and we can expect one of those long, cold and miserably dreary winters.

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Anyway, on a brighter note, I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. Hopefully many of you were able to get up to our Community Pool to swim and cool off. We believe we had a good turnout this season and most definitely the newly “spruced up” picnic grove at the rear of the pool grounds was a huge hit this year and was rented out every weekend. So if you need somewhere special to hold a party or get together, surely you should consider renting out “the Grove”. If you haven’t seen it lately we have added a new pavilion, grills to cook on, new picnic tables to relax on and a large area for you and your family, friends and/or guests to stretch out and relax on. So if you need a place to hold a family gathering, a party or even a relaxed business meeting, well then you should look into renting “the Grove”.

And speaking of relaxing and eating and having a good time, please mark your calendars for this year’s Community Day at the Township on Sunday September 16th. As always, you can expect great food, great music, great fun and great West Pottsgrove people all in one place. So I hope to see y’all there. On a more serious note, please be sure to lock your vehicles at night, especially if you park on the street. An unlocked vehicle is an invitation for disaster, so make it a habit of playing it safe and lock those doors.

Lastly, please remember that your Board of Commissioners meet on the first Wednesday of every month and although I know everyone is busy doing one thing or another it is important to stay informed as to the decisions made by the Board. And don’t forget that the 450th person in the door for a Board meeting receives a free steak dinner!

Enjoy the remainder of the warm weather and stay safe!

Rock D’Emilio
Board President